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Ink Sans (Create Your Frisk) Meekuzo 13.9K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 122 Share 4.6K views 1 year ago #Undertale #Meekuzo Ink Sans summons other Sans-es from foreign AUs you've.

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Kyynas Published: May 27, 2017 378 Favourites 22 Comments 11.4K Views drawing frans frisk ink love drawing_frisk Image details Image size 2784x4934px 5.6 MB © 2017 - 2023 More by Suggested Deviants Suggested Collections Ink Sans x Drawing Frisk undertale Undertale You Might Like… Comments 22 Join the community to add your comment.

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Ink Sans x Drawing Frisk by Kyynas on DeviantArt Shop 60% off for a limited time! Deviation Status Update Journal Literature Commission Poll Subscription DreamUp Add to Favourites Ink Sans x Drawing Frisk By Kyynas Published: Aug 27, 2018 189 Favourites 7 Comments 9.7K Views

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Underswap Sans and Frisk - Dating Start【 Undertale Comic Dub Compilation 】 Feature amazing artist: saturnbelaOriginal Comic Links: https://saturnbela.tumblr.

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Ink!Sans is a character in Underverse, and the protector of all the AUs. He originally made a truce with Error!Sans to never create another AU again, so that he wouldn't destroy the other AUs. Later on, he meets XGaster in XTale, and gracefully shows him the multiverse; he would later on give Ink his half soul within a white/purple vial.

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Description: She was created by someone belonging to the Undertale fandom that upon meeting Ink! Sans wanted to create Ink! Frisk Ink! Frisk does not have a universe, or if she had it, it would be empty. She does not belong to or come from the same universe as Ink (_____tale), so, Inktale would still only have Ink! Sans, and Ink!

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Ink!Sans (his friend) XTale!Alphys (assistant) Universe XTale Date of birth November 11 Theme Rekindle Relight " Evolution requires sacrifice. " — XGaster's main ideology XGaster is a major character in XTale and Underverse. He is the sole creator of the XTale universe.

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Once he hears Sans calling, he comes out at the wrong time, which Sans is confronting Frisk over resetting. Sans explains to Frisk, and tells him to look after him while he and Ink are gone. 0.2 [] At the Underfell universe, Ink tells Sans to wake up, where he's surprised by the appearance of a Snowdin. Once he figures out where he is, they.

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Ink Sans x Drawing Frisk By Kyynas Published: Mar 12, 2017 145 Favourites 3 Comments 5.9K Views Image size 5367x4401px 4.02 MB © 2017 - 2024 More by Suggested Deviants Suggested Collections Ink Sans x Drawing Frisk Sans x Frisk frans You Might Like… Featured in Groups UndertalePairings Comments 3 to add your comment. Already a deviant?

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I HOPE YOU ENJOY!! I have a lot of surprises in this story

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Ink Sans x Drawing Frisk by Kyynas on DeviantArt Description Drawing!Frisk created by me: @kim-studio Drawing Frisk, The ink ball, his name is Iris Soon I'll post on my wattpad to the story of Drawing! Frisk: Link Joe Wu 293 followers Sans X Frisk Comic Sans E Frisk Undertale Love Undertale Memes Anime Undertale Undertale Ships Undertale Drawings

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Underverse is a Web Comic-turned Web Animation based off of the video game Undertale and a Tumblr webcomic named X-Tale created by Jael Peñaloza (a.k.a. Jakei).Though the series started as a Web Comic with Sans and Ink Sans going after XTale Chara/Cross after they take half of Sans' soul to sustain themselves, things just started spiraling from there.

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The Truce. A child of XGaster, X-Event!Frisk got his brother, XTale!Chara to run away from the recently emerged Ink!Sans. He rushes to get to him, Chara, and their creator. After their meeting, he and Chara plays around with Ink while he tries to keep XGaster afloat.

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Action Fanfiction. (Yandere!human! Sans aus x GN!Demon!Reader) You are a strong powerful high ranking royal demon who has been sent to earth due to an incident in your world. To blend in with humans you go to college you then meet a man and their friends and rivals and they all take a liking to you.a little too much.