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GamePress Featured Update The newest Major Event Slow Shock is here! K11 Submit Feedback or Error Table of Contents Stats Tileset Skill Normal Damaged Analysis by Hassium T-Doll Role Grenadier Basic Info T-Doll Stats This T-Doll is available in EN. Its rankings are based only on EN T-Dolls. Max HP 135 Max DMG 53 Max ACC 54 Max EVA 37 Max ROF 76

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ST AR-15 and G11 (Swapped Places) - ST AR-15's SPEQ-Set pushes her back into the limelight, bringing her DPS to the same level as G11 MOD, though without the FCC cost. As such, the two have effectively swapped their places, with ST AR-15 now being in High and G11 being in Medium.

G11 Girls Frontline Wiki GamePress

G11 in Girls Frontline is a G11K2, identified by the boxy handguard shape and the K2 had additional storage; this is why you will notice one magazine higher and slightly further back in the center of the rifle, which is the active magazine. Having the magazine on top of the rifle reduces the overall profile of the weapon when compared to a more.

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RO635's gun model isn't actually a R0635, but a R0991. The R0991 is a Colt 9mm SMG variant with a flat top upper receiver, folding rear sight, adjustable buttstock, and modular rail system handguard. The R0635 has none of these features. Different from the first four members of AR Team, RO is capable of backing up her Neural Cloud, which means.


[Girls' Frontline] G11 Squadmate and Voice [WOTC] Subscribe. Subscribed. Unsubscribe. In 2 collections by ph0ne (greatijedi) Girls' Frontline Squadmates. 16 items. Girls' Frontline Squadmates - Squad 404. 4 items. Description. This is a port of the G11 model created by SimSkyline..

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The "GIRLS' FRONTLINE Character Songs Collection ECHOES" album has finally been released! You can buy the album on almost every platform or you can listen to them from the official YouTube links embedded below. This page contains tentative fan translations for the ECHOES album until MICA releases official English lyrics.

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Product Name Nendoroid Gr G11 Series Girls' Frontline Manufacturer Good Smile Arts Shanghai Category Nendoroid Price ¥6,200 Release Date 2020/11 Specifications Painted ABS&PVC non-scale articulated figure with stand included. Approximately 100mm in height. Sculptor toytec D.T.C Cooperation Nendoron Planning/Production Good Smile Company Released by

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GamePress Featured Update The newest Major Event Slow Shock is here! Gr G11 Submit Feedback or Error Table of Contents Stats Tileset Skill Normal Damaged Analysis by Hassium T-Doll Role Burst, Multi-hit Basic Info T-Doll Stats Base MOD I MOD II MOD III This T-Doll is available in EN. Its rankings are based only on EN T-Dolls. Max HP 121 Max DMG 43

G11 Girls Frontline Wiki GamePress

G11's origin was revealed at last during HK416's modification story flashbacks. Prior to becoming a tactical doll, G11 was an abandoned civilian service doll who roamed the lawless district of the city, soon she attracted the eyes of doll scavangers who attacked and knocked her out. Had HK416 not intervened when she did, G11 would be illegally.

G11 Girls Frontline Wiki GamePress

Chapter 11 picks up the story of Girl's Frontline directly after the events of Singularity and Continuum Turbulence, and marks the first appearance of the new Paradeus enemies in permanent story missions. The exact mechanics of Strelets, Doppelsoldners, Uhlans, and Rodeleros are showcased in the table below.

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G11 from Girls' Frontline. Faceflexes (Over 85 facial expressions) / Eyeflexes. Bodygroups (Hat, Tongue, Straps, Scarf, Jacket, Leg Pocket) 1 Skingroup (Disable outline) Jigglebones (Collar, Cloth, Hair, Breast, Jacket, Straps, Shoes Collar) More than 140 Bones. MMD shader (disable outline using skingroup)

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don't forget to subscribe the requirement! During the Cold War, caseless ammunition was one of NATO's top projects, in order to achieve both easier ammunition storage/logistics and faster rate of fire. In the end, almost every project ended in failure or lost interest, with the exception of Heckler & Koch's G11.

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1 Friend Echelon Clear Steps 11-2 a chaotic mess of Red Beans, Nightmares, and regular SF units. Luckily, we don't need to fight the majority fo the Red Beans, and the one that can be engaged is not hard to either kill with a Shield SMG, or just let one doll get blasted.

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The G11 is capable achieving a 460 rounds per minute fully automatic rate of fire, but the rifle's main selling point is the three-round burst fire mode. In this mode, the G11 is capable of reaching a cyclic rate of fire of 2100 rounds per minute, delivering three projectiles down range at a muzzle velocity of 930 meters per second.

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Girls' Frontline Loading Seasonal [] Event Chinese Japanese English Note New Years Valentines Tanabata Halloween Christmas Trivia [] Further Information [] Full T-Doll List. ADS ・ AK-12 ・ AN-94 ・ART556・AUG・FAL・Gr G11.