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Olaf's death was announced on Wednesday by his official Instagram page. His studio's statement said that he had received a lung transplant a few weeks ago, then became ill earlier today. He.

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Erwin Olaf is a Dutch photographer known for his stylized portraiture. Like Gregory Crewdson, Olaf stages his large-scale images in a cinematic fashion with orchestrated sets and dramatic lighting.His practice often explores issues of historical and contemporary importance as seen in his Royal Blood series which depicts the deaths of royalty. Born Erwin Olaf Springveld on June 2, 1959 in.

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Erwin Olaf's photos have the gloss of fashion shots and a haunting undercurrent that makes you long for more context. As he turns 60, three museums will present his work.

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Erwin Olaf Springveld was born on July 2, 1959, to Simon Jacobus Springveld, a sales manager for an office supplies company, and Lydia van 't Hoff, a homemaker, in Hilversum, about 20 miles west.

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Photograph: Erwin Olaf Wed 17 Apr 2019 02.00 EDT Last modified on Wed 19 Oct 2022 10.15 EDT. Bodybuilding Competition, II, 1984 'The earliest work, from the 70s and early 80s, reflects my life.

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Biography of Erwin Olaf. Dutch multidisciplinary artist Erwin Olaf is a veteran of editorial and commercial photography, having worked for clients such as Italian luxury brand Bottega Veneta, Vogue and The New York Times. In his art photography he often puts the conventions of fashion photography into the service of beautifully complex, often existentially terse portraiture.

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Erwin Olaf Springveld was born on 2 July 1959 in Hilversum, Netherlands. Olaf was most famous for his commercial and personal work. He was commissioned to photograph advertising campaigns for large international companies such as Levi's, Microsoft, and Nokia. [3] Some of his most famous photographic series include "Grief", "Rain", and "Royal.

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Last modified on Fri 29 Sep 2023 17.06 EDT. The Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf, who has died aged 64 following a lung transplant, straddled the world of art, advertising and fashion photography.

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Erwin Olaf's art explores the human experience through meticulously staged scenes. His distinctive aesthetic is highly stylized and perfectly polished, yet his work penetrates deep beneath a pretty facade. Instead, the heart of Olaf's work addresses social issues, taboos, and conventions, often through subtle or mysterious details..

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Erwin Olaf is an interdisciplinary artist working across the fields of photography, video and installation. After studying at the Utrecht School for Journalism, Olaf emerged onto the international art scene when his series 'Chessmen' won the Young European Photographer of the Year award in 1988. This was followed by an exhibition at the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, with subsequent solo and.

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Erwin Olaf. Erwin Olaf died on 20 September 2023, at the age of 64. He was a leading photographer for over four decades. In 2018 the Rijksmuseum was the recipient of his core collection of more than 500 of his works. His iconic image Hope Portrait 5 (2005) is now hanging in the Gallery of Honour next to Girl in a Blue Dress (1641) by Johannes.

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Selected Collections of Erwin Olaf in museums like: The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga, Neuflize Vie Collections, Koo House Seojong-Myeon, South Korea, Gemeente Museum Den Haag, George Eastman Museum, New York, USA, Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany and Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay & Lesbian Art, New York, USA.

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Wikimedia Creative Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0. Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf has passed away at the age of 64. An announcement on his Instagram account was published on Wednesday. Born in Hilversum, Olaf studied journalism at Utrecht's School of Journalism. His practice, spanning more than four decades, has focused on marginalised subcultures and.

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For the past three decades, Amsterdam-based Dutch artist Erwin Olaf has been taking us to the heart of his dream world through photographs and films that reveal the vulnerability of humanity.