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Stoned theory on Jackie Lynn Thomas' Parent(s) Theory During the episode "Just Friends", Jackie off-handedly mentions "she used to live by the river, too" but then seemingly pretends she doesn't hear what Star said. Jackie verbally says "no way" when Star mentions the woman living by the river that sews hair. There was a suspicious reaction.

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Jackie Lynn Thomas is a mermaid. Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence. Luna Iris Lowtide has a pretty huge secret. She's a descendant from the royal family of Mewni, though she's not sure who. She's also part demon and part Waterfolk thanks to her father and mother respectively.

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I know, but Star was the one who confessed her feelings to Marco near the end of Season 2, and in Season 3 after Jackie and Marco broke up, he sees that Star and Tom are back together. Content-Revenue9915. โ€ข 2 yr. ago. I was annoyed how Star had a crush on Oskar then Marco then Tom again. She was indecisive.

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Marco Diaz (Star vs. the Forces of Evil) Jackie Lynn Thomas. Moon Knight (Marvel) Once every 667 years two lucky souls are cleaved together. The magic is strong, transcending worlds and even death. Follow Lt Cdr (ret.) Marco Spector as his life is transformed by the light of the Blood Moon. Rated TV-14-DLSV.

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He's had a crush on classmate Jackie Lynn Thomas since kindergarten; in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", they start dating, but end their relationship later on in "Sophomore Slump".

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3.1 Red Belt 3.2 Fetch 3.3 Girls' Day Out 3.4 Sleepover 3.5 Naysaya 3.6 Bon Bon the Birthday Clown 3.7 Trickstar 3.8 Mathmagic 3.9 Just Friends 3.10 Starcrushed 4 Season three 4.1 Rest in Pudding 4.2 Sophomore Slump 4.3 Holiday Spellcial 5 Season four 5.1 Britta's Tacos 5.2 Mama Star 6 Concept Art 7 Posters

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Jackie Lynn Thomas View source Jackie Lynn Thomas Current Young view image Background information First appearance Star Comes to Earth Last appearance Cleaved Voice Grey Griffin Character information Age 15 Gender Female Species Human Occupation Echo Creek Academy student Home Echo Creek France (while abroad) Relatives Unnamed uncle Allies

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Jackie-Lynn Thomas (girlfriend) Source Chloe is a recurring character in Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She is a French student who attends Echo Creek Academy, the same school Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz go to. She is revealed to be in a same-sex relationship with an American girl named Jackie-Lynn Thomas . Background Physical appearance

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Jackie Lynn Thomas Sign in to edit Do-Gooder Current Pre-Teen Young Full Name Jackie Lynn Thomas Alias (es) Jackie Jackie L. Thomas Origin Star vs. the Forces of Evil Occupation Echo Creek Academy student Powers / Skills ? Hobby Skateboarding Goals ? Family Unnamed Parents (Status unknown) Friends / Allies Marco Diaz (Ex-boyfriend)

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15 Family Unnamed (uncle) Romances Chloe (girlfriend) Marco Diaz (ex-boyfriend) Guy from skate camp (attraction) Portrayed by Grey DeLisle Jackie Lynn Thomas is a bisexual character from Star vs. the Forces of Evil . Contents 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Sexuality 4.1 Reaction

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cartoon digitalart digitalfanart disney draw drawing fanart female jackie shorthair starvstheforcesofevil art jackielynnthomas jackie_lynn_thomas jackielynnthomasfanart Description Color #sketch

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Jackie Lynn Thomas. Jackie Lynn Thomas is a student at Echo Creek Academy. Marco has a crush on her at the start of the series, of which she is made aware in "Sleepover", and the two have a romantic relationship from "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown" to "Sophomore Slump". Jackie has wavy, shoulder-length platinum blond.

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โ€ฆ A quick drawing of Jackie from Star vs the Forces of Evil. Hope u guys like it Jackie owned by Disney Art owned by me Image size 3120x4160px 2.56 MB Make HUAWEI Model POT-LX1 Shutter Speed 1/999963365 second Aperture F/1.8 Focal Length 4 mm ISO Speed 400 Date Taken Feb 23, 2021, 10:48:31 PM

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