Hitman 3 Explosive Golf Ball Location Guide Daily Research Plot

Where to find the Hitman 3 explosive golf ball in Dubai GamesRadar+

Where to find the Exploding Golf ball. On Top of the World, Angry Birdy challenge guide - Where to find the exploding golf ball and how to make Carl Ingram u.

HITMAN™ Exploding Golf Ball YouTube

Just a few yards down the corridor you'll find a locked door that leads to the Penthouse area where the explosive golf ball is in Hitman 3, so unlock that with the keycard you just grabbed.

Where to find the Hitman 3 explosive golf ball in Dubai GamesRadar+

Browse all gaming This is one of my favorite maps in Hitman. This is the location on where to find the exploding golf ball; it is basically in the room near the start of the m.

Hitman 3 Angry Birdy Challenge Guide (+Explosive Golf Ball Location) YouTube

Mission: World of Tomorrow Information Appearances: HITMAN™ HITMAN™ 2 Tee Time is a Challenge in HITMAN™ and HITMAN™ 2. To accomplish the challenge, Agent 47 must assassinate Silvio Caruso using an exploding golf ball. Contents 1 Objective 2 Rewards 3 Notes 4 Walkthrough Objective Assassinate Silvio Caruso with an exploding golf ball. Rewards

Where to find the Hitman 3 explosive golf ball in Dubai GamesRadar+

0:00 / 2:27 Hitman Episode 2 Sapienza Explosive Gold Ball Location (Safe House) FP Good Game 129K subscribers Join Subscribe Subscribed 19 8.8K views 7 years ago Hitman Episode 2 Sapienza.

Hitman Exploding Golf Ball YouTube

Look behind the red toolbox here to find the Explosive Golf Ball. Climb back up the ladder and put it in the Golf Ball Bucket on the green turf. Now you need to get Carl Ingram to play golf, which.

Hitman 3 Dubai golf ball location Explosive golf ball YouTube

Walkthrough on how to do the "Angry Birdy" Challenge in Dubai in Hitman 3.Explosive Golf Ball Location: 03:00Get the Explosive Golf Ball from the room behind.

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Explosive golf ball can be picked up from your hideout. Explosive ball can be planted in the pile of regular golf balls (M4,18). Medical record. The diary in Caruso's mother's room. In the room of mother Caruso (M4,9). Lets you know about Silvio's mental breakdown from the past.. Location map - M10 Disguises and.

Hitman 3 Explosive Golf Ball Location Guide Daily Research Plot

1 comment In Hitman 3, there are a fair number of wacky and wild ways to whack someone. From chandeliers to wet floor signs, you'll be taking out your foes with some seriously weird kit. One of the strangest is doable in Dubai, where you're able to get a kill with an exploding golf ball. Here's how. On this page: Get to the maintenance area

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Kill Silvio with the ol' exploding golf ball trickMake sure to pick up the exploding golf ball at the safe housePretty easy, just use the basic disguise to g.

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By Nikita Hariname Last updated Jan 25, 2021 The explosive golf ball in Hitman 3 will help you eliminate Carl Ingram when he goes ahead and strikes the ball with his club. This will let you complete the Angry birdy assassination challenge. So, here's the Hitman 3 Dubai Explosive Golf Ball location to save your time.

Hitman 3 How to Get Explosive Golf Ball & Complete Angry Birdy Challenge

Check out my Hitman 3 Dubai golf ball location to see where to find the xplosive golf ball. See more guide videos at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMEF8S5i. Check out my Hitman.

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in: Locations Explosive Golf Ball/Locations < Explosive Golf Ball Sign in to edit World of Tomorrow - Found in the ICA Safehouse The Author - Found in a safe in Salvatore Bravuomo's Office (Requires a safe combination which can be found on a computer near the staircase leading to to the Gelato Shop)

Hitman 3 Angry Birdy Challenge Explosive Golf Ball Location How to Get Carl Ingram to Play

Explosive Charge - Explosive Golf Ball. An exploding golf ball will come in handy to complete the Angry Bird challenge, which is related to the murder of Carl Ingram. 11. New starting location - Guard Room. Agent 47 begins the game disguised as a Burj Al-Ghazali guard. You start in the surveillance room on level 2. 12. Cache - Laundry Room. The.

Hitman Exploding Golf Ball FULL guide Accidental kill on Silvio Carusio YouTube

The Hitman 3 explosive golf ball is found inside a locked storage room, at the end of the Maintenance Corridor on Level 3, and there are two main routes to reach it.

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Mark Delaney If you want to know how to complete the Angry Birdy challenge in Hitman 3, here's how to use the explosive golf ball just as intended. Like always in this series, Hitman 3 is full of odd, obtuse, and often funny challenges for players to complete.