Android Locale Get Locale Name And Country Code Coding Demos

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Language Name Code Afrikaans af Albanian sq Amharic am Arabic ar Armenian hy-AM Azerbaijani az-AZ Bangla bn-BD Basque eu-ES Belarusian be Bulgarian bg Burmese my-MM Catalan ca Chinese (Hong Kong) zh-HK Chinese (Simplified) zh-CN Chinese (Traditional) zh-TW Croatian hr Czech cs-CZ Danish da-DK Dutch nl-NL English en-IN English en-SG English en-ZA English (Australia) en-AU English (Canada) en-CA.

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According to the answer in Is en_UK an illegal locale?. The correct country code is en_GB. Locales use ISO 3166-1 for country codes. The wikipedia writeup includes: The codes are chosen, according to the ISO 3166/MA, "to reflect the significant, unique component of the country name in order to allow a visual association between country name and country code".[7]

Android Locale Get Locale Name And Country Code Coding Demos

Show activity on this post. This solution worked for me. This will return you the android device's language (not the app's local language) String locale = getApplicationContext ().getResources ().getConfiguration ().locale.getLanguage (); This will return "en" or "de" or "fr" or whatever your device language is set to.

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Case 1: Android found a matching strings.xml file and it's going to use that. Case 2: Android didn't find a matching strings.xml file and will use the default one. For Case 1, you can do this.

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Upon installation of my Android program I check for device locale: String deviceLocale=Locale.getDefault().getLanguage(); If deviceLocale is inside my supported languages (english, french, german) I don't change locale.

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The IMA SDK allows you to specify the language to be used to localize ads and the player UI controls. To do so, use the ImaSdkSettings.setLanguage () method with the appropriate locale code as demonstrated in the code snippet below. // Create an AdsLoader and optionally set the language. To set the language within the BasicExample which uses.

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Here you use locale.getLanguage() to get the Android Locale country code of the language that is currently being used in your Android device. 9- Build and run the app to see the progress. Getting Android Locale country code. (Large preview) 10- When you change the language of your Android device it will apply to the app as well, for example if.

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Language and locale resolution overview. Starting in Android 7.0 (API level 24), Android provides enhanced support for multilingual users, allowing them to select multiple locales in settings. Android provides this capability by greatly expanding the number of locales supported and changing the way the system resolves resources.

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The Locale class have a method for this: public String getDisplayLanguage(Locale locale), as the documentation says: Returns the name of this locale's language, localized to locale. The exact output form depends on whether this locale corresponds to a specific language, script, country and variant. So you can get language names for locales like.

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Right click a directory on your project > New > Android Resource File. In the Available qualifiers section select Locale and click >>. You will see a list of all Languages and if you choose them you will see Specific Regions for each. You can also type in the list to filter languages.

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Language Localization is a process to change the application context into multiple languages based on the requirements. Android is an overall operating system that runs on millions of devices worldwide and among various groups. Since the diversity range is enormous, a feature that facilitates local languages adds an advantage to any Android application.

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A "custom" locale is a language or region combination that the Android system image doesn't explicitly support. You can test how your app runs in a custom locale by creating a custom locale in the emulator. There are two ways to do this: Use the Custom Locale app, which is accessible from the app tab.

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In the Project > Android panel on the left, select ModuleName > res > values.. The Translations Editor supports BCP 47 and combines locale and region (country) codes into a single selection for targeted localizations. A locale defines more than the language. A locale includes country-dependent formatting for things like the date and time.

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The locale, however, is Canada. Since Canadian currency is not supported, the code uses the default locale's currency, which is the United States dollar. This demonstrates how the language and the locale can be treated differently. Solution code. Android Studio project: LocaleText3. Coding challenge

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equals ( Object object) Returns true if object is a locale with the same language, country and variant. static Locale [] getAvailableLocales () Returns the system's installed locales. String. getCountry () Returns the country code for this locale, or "" if this locale doesn't correspond to a specific country.