Cattleya Walkeriana var. semialba. Купить орхидею Cattleya Walkeriana

Cattleya walkeriana semialba 'Tokyo 1' AMAOS Cattleya, Cattleya

Description Cattleya walkeriana semi-alba (Baby's Tears' x 'Elixir of Love') These produce semi-alba flowers on very compact plants. Very fragrant!! SEASON: Winter- Early Spring TEMPS: Intermediate, with cooler nights over the Winter WATERING: Well watered with a slight dry between waterings, completely dry between waterings in the winter

Cattleya Walkeriana var. semialba. Купить орхидею Cattleya Walkeriana

In bloom: Cattleya trianae alba 'Joe' (Colombian species and Colombia's National flower) and Cattleya walkeriana semi-alba 'Carmela' (Brazilian species)

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Cattleya walkeriana v. semi-alba - Kalapana Orchid Farm Home Shop Orchids Orchid Care Contact International View cart Continue shopping Skip to product information This stunning species is a forbear for many popular Cattleya hybrids today. C. walkeriana is native to Brazil, but has a long history of cultivation in Hawaii.

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SKU: 26594 By trade, this plant has always sold by the name walkeriana 'Kenny'. In reality, most claim it is called Catt. Snow Blind (C. Angelwalker x C. walkeriana var. alba 'Pendentive'). It's fragrance is slightly different than pure walkeriana as well. All that aside, this is a lovely plant that retains a compact growth habit.

Cattleya walkeriana semi alba "Tokyo Nr. 1" Cattleya, Orchidaceae

Cattleya walkeriana v. semi-alba 'Kenny' FCC/AOS, 4" pots, blooming size, actual bloom shown. Features Pot Size: 4" Pots, Blooming Size Blooming Size: Yes Light: Partial Shade Temperature: Warm Watering: Regular, dry between

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Cattleya walkeriana semi alba Thread Tools: Rate Thread: Display Modes #1 09-25-2010, 05:24 PM JPMC. Senior Member : Join Date: May 2009. Posts: 363 Cattleya walkeriana semi alba. Here is a Cattleya walkeriana semi alba that has the very faintest of lavender in the tip of the lip..

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This is a great example of the semi-alba form of Cattleya walkeriana. C. walkeriana f. semi-alba 'Tokyo #1' AM/AOS is an easy to grow cultivar with very intense color for the breeding and of course is accompanied with the wonderful C. walkeriana fragrance. This plant still stands as one of the best shaped semi-alba walkeriana available in the.

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Cattleya walkeriana var. semi-alba, bareroot, not blooming size. Features. Pot Size: bareroot Blooming Size: No Light: Partial Shade Temperature: Warm Watering: Regular, dry between. Origin: Brazil FRAGRANT . PROTECT YOUR ORCHIDS .. Add Insurance! Request 'Signature Required' Heat Pack - WINTER Insurance - 100% Guaranteed

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Cattleya walkeriana var. semi alba, is a rare and unique variant with excellent full shape 4" whites flowers with light pink lip. It's fragrance is slightly different than pure walkeriana as well.Cattleya walkeriana var. semi alba is a stunning orchid species that is highly sought after for its exquisite beauty and del

Cattleya walkeriana f. semialba

A month ago I purchased my first orchid ever from one of the big box home improvement stores a Better-gro bag orchid. A Cattleya walkeriana semi alba

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Cattleya walkeriana semi-alba 'Carmela' — Palmer Orchids OPEN TO THE PUBLIC TUE-FRI: 9-4 & SAT: 9-2. Fragrant Cattleya species. Excellent for mounting. 'Carmela' mericlone. Plants Available: Growing in 4" pots in large aggregate bark mix at the standard size.

Cattleya walkeriana (semialba x flamea) select ('Tokyo No. 1' x

Cattleya walkeriana orchid is native to the Brazil (includes the states of Minas Gerais, Goia, Bahia and Mato Grosso to São Paulo). It is an epiphytic orchid on large trees with rough bark but also lithophyte on limestone plateaus, mossy rocks, river banks or cliffs, where it behaves in xerophyte (in full sun, exposed to high light intensities). and at very high temperatures). It grows from.

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SKU: 10753 This famous clone from Japan was awarded the silver medal by the Japan Orchid Growers Association. This beautiful form of walkeriana is considered a Perola type, thanks to the light pink flush at the petal edges. The flowers have a thick substance, are about 2" to 3" in size, and produce an intoxicating fragrance.

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SKU: 11045. This is a cross between a semi-alba and a flamea type. The flower is primarily semi-alba with a slight line of color running down the middle of the dorsal and petals. Flower size is 8 cm across and 9 cm vertical spread. It has potential for a larger flower being that this is its first blooming. Currently in flower and holds 6 bulbs.

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OPEN TO THE PUBLIC TUE-FRI: 9-4 & SAT: 9-2. Fragrant Cattleya species. Grown from seed, so flower characteristics will vary somewhat from plant to plant. Plants Available: Growing in 2" and 3" pots. Examples of the 3" Pot option are pictured. Driftwood mounted plants will be released selectively.

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