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A digital perm is a perm that uses hot rods with the temperature regulated by a machine with a digital display, hence the name. [1] The process is otherwise similar to that of a traditional perm. The name "digital perm" is trademarked by a Japanese company, Paimore Co. [2] Hairstylists usually call it a "hot perm."

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What Is a Digital Perm? A digital perm is a perm that's really big in Asia. It helps to create permanent curls in those with wavy or straight hair. It may also be used in people with curly hair to achieve an all-new curl pattern. The name of the perm is a nod to the high-tech process used to create the curls.

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A digital perm is a way of perming the hair using an electric current to curl it. Steam perms were popular in the '50s and '60s, but they were phased out when it was discovered that they caused damage to the hair shaft. Digital perms are a new version of this technique that doesn't involve steam.

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A digital perm is a type of curly perm that helps give straight hair a perfectly wavy look but with minimal styling effort (and a fraction of the frustration). Keep scrolling for everything you need to know.

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A digital perm, also known as a Korean digital perm, is a popular hair styling trend used to create soft curls and body. It works by breaking and reforming the disulfide bonds in the hair using heat and a chemical solution. The result is a looser, more natural-looking curl compared to a traditional cold perm.

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Digital perm is the latest fad in women’s hairstyles. The trendsetting digiperm hairdos are

Digital perm is an innovative hair treatment for loose curls or waves. It is a perming technique to get natural-looking waves on straight hair. This perm transforms hair into gorgeous big waves that look completely natural. The method, which consists of using an acidic perm solution and hot rods, is safer than a regular perm.

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What is a Digital Perm: Things You Should Know. Improve your personal image and overall appearance with the right hairstyle. Let our expert Korean perm stylists create that natural straight or gorgeous wave to help you look better! Digital perm is the latest fad in women's hairstyles. The trend-digital-perm hairdos are generally characterized.

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A digital perm is a styling technique that originates from Japan. It's designed to create loose, soft waves that give the hair a naturally tousled look. Unlike traditional perms that use a single chemical solution to create tight curls, a digital perm uses digital temperature controllers and rods to create customized wave patterns.

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01 of 12 Body Wave Perm For individuals who want to achieve body and texture to the hair, a body wave is the perm for you, according to Lara. "Body waves offer a softer, more natural-looking wave," adds Dunning. "It can also provide added texture and longer-lasting blowouts."


The digital perm, also known as a Japanese (where it was invented) or Korean (where it's insanely popular) perm, uses hot rods and a chemical solution to thermally recondition the hair—that is.

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What Is a Digital Perm? The primary idea to hold in mind regarding digital perms is everything they truly entail. Perms, in common, are a kind of hair processing you can get to produce lasting waves or curls in your pretty hair links. They typically include heat therapy in order to form the hair into a lasting wave.

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A digital perm is a modern and advanced hair styling technique that combines traditional perming methods with digital technology to create long-lasting, natural-looking curls or waves in the hair. Unlike traditional perms that use rods to create uniform curls, a digital perm allows for more customizable and versatile results. Table of Contents

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Digital perming (also known as a digi-perm or a hot perm) is a procedure of permanently curling hair using a combination of chemical restructuring and heat. In the process, the stylist sections the hair and then applies a chemical that breaks down the structure of the hair.

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Digital Perm Is An Investment. If you're thinking about getting a perm, keep in mind that it's an investment on multiple levels. Digital perms take several hours to complete, because your stylist will be giving attention to every strand of hair.