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Other good options in close proximity are south Brisbane, parts of fortitude valley/New farm (near story bridge), Tenerife, and kangaroo point (north of the M7/main st intersection). Further out, you could look at Paddington, Bulimba, Milton, toowong and Coorparoo.. During the day I'd say it is as safe as any inner city suburb including the.

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Fortitude Valley is a razor edge kind of place. Insanely, almost migraine-inducingly cool, it has a seedy heart to it at times. By day, hip designers sell overpriced products to EMO's and grown ups who should know better. Excellent restaurants vie for attention amongst organic beauty outlets and dingy cafes.

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Coordinates: 27.4566°S 153.0372°E Fortitude Valley (often called "The Valley" by local residents) is an inner suburb of the City of Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland, Australia. [3] In the 2021 census, Fortitude Valley had a population of 9,708 people. [1]

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(Valley mall), located in the inner city Brisbane suburb of Fortitude Valley, has long provided the focal point for discussions regarding the problem of illicit drug use and antisocial behaviour in Brisbane. During the late 1990s a range of stakeholders in Fortitude Valley became mobilised to tackle crime and illicit drugs. In particular they

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Fortitude Valley, also known as the Valley, lies north-east of Brisbane City in Queensland. It is a valley that is surrounded by suburbs and consists of mainly nucleated spatial patterns as it is an urban area containing numerous retail, housing, and entertainment units. Aerial view of Fortitude Valley displaying its nucleated spatial patterns.

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"The Fortitude Valley Police Beat provides a highly visible facility that assists in policing the Safe Night Precinct and strengthens community safety outcomes," Commissioner Carroll said. Fortitude Valley Police are working closely with local businesses, security, and other agencies to ensure a safe night out for everyone.


Fortitude Valley at Night The city center is extremely safe even at late night. However other parts of the city such as the Fortitude Valley have a poor reputation. You may encounter.

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Hundreds of assaults occurred over the past year in the three "drink-safe precincts'' of Fortitude Valley, Surfers Paradise and Townsville.

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For the large number of Fortitude Valley residents that aren't generally out late at night or hanging around the pubs and clubs life is pretty normal and a totally safe place to live. However, common sense does dictate if you are out on the town in the entertainment precinct with people drinking there is more likelihood of irrational behaviour.

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Fortitude Valley, often referred to as "The Valley," is a vibrant inner-city suburb located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Situated just northeast of the Brisbane CBD, The Valley is renowned for its dynamic and diverse atmosphere.. Is Fortitude Valley safe to visit at night? Fortitude Valley can be busy and lively at night due to.

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Contents show Is Fortitude Valley Safe? Fortitude Valley has low safety metrics. Crime rates in Fortitude Valley are considerably higher than the average across most suburbs in Australia. Fortitude Valley is safer than 2% of all Australian suburbs and than 2% of Queensland suburbs.

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In 2022, Fortitude Valley is now a primarily used as an entertainment district with many clubs, restaurants and bars located throughout the area. When it was first established, the Valley's development pattern was dispersed as buildings were intended for residential use.

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Fortitude Valley is a bustling residential suburb, thriving entertainment precinct and a busy commercial hub. The Valley is home to people of all walks of life and businesses of all kinds. It is a vibrant a melting pot of diverse backgrounds and cultures. What it boasts in spaces for excitement and leisure, it lacks in areas for rest and.

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It's terrible. It's just not safe." LaSalle Investment Management has made a development application to build three new entrances to Fortitude Valley train station as part of its $500 million.

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Brisbane's Fortitude Valley heads the Queensland list of street violence hotspots. QUEENSLAND'S worst spots for alcohol-fuelled violence are revealed as new figures show the scourge continues to rise.

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Fortitude Valley suburb is ranked 96/100 in Australia by number and severity of crimes proportionate to population, where 0 means no crime. Is Fortitude Valley a safe suburb? Fortitude Valley suburb is a very unsafe area .