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The mileage book generator is designed to generate reports with a random set of car mileage book entries based on your preferences. Optionally, reports can include weekly scheduled entries.

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Cheeky Learner is a logbook generator web application built in javascript with Angular.js. It allows the user to generate pseudorandom entries for a Victorian learner driver's logbook. Cheeky Learner was built for the purpose of learning JavaScript, the Angular.js framework and the process involved in developing web applicatons.

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#1 Im just looking for what people have done to fake hours, or any ideas they have to do so. I have a couple which are working but need a few more full-proof ways in order to get my P's by the end of the year. My parents don't want me faking any hours so take that into account. And their signatures are fucking impossible to forge haha. P

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Generate accurate and compliant reports; Provide transparency and information sharing across key operational departments; View logs in real time, even from remote sites; Track all open logs for completion; Ensure accuracy and uniformity of records while capturing all the important data . Create your free account now . Logbook Solutions

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Apr 19, 2009. #6. Fake it, but its going to take you hours and hours illiterately writing it up. It's a pain in the ass. I wrote that I drove 4 hours a day. Two hours to Manly and two hours back everyday. and the lady at the RTA is like, how come you drove 4 hours a day. I was like, i work in Manly and I need to drive with my Boss there every day.

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Fake Apache Log Generator This script generates a boatload of fake apache logs very quickly. Its useful for generating fake workloads for data ingest and/or analytics applications. It can write log lines to console, to log files or directly to gzip files. It utilizes the excellent Faker library to generate realistic ip's, URI's etc. Basic Usage

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Ohio woman lied about child with cancer to raise more than $10,000, police say. Pamela Reed used a GoFundMe account to promote that a 7-year-old girl had cancer and was blind in her right eye for.

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GENERATE A DRIVING LOG IN MINUTES Create a compliant driving log for tax deduction. AUTO-POPULATE AND RECURRING DRIVES Generate daily, weekly or monthly driving history in a matter of seconds. GET YOUR MAXIMUM TAX DEDUCTION Don't leave money on the table. Claim all of business miles today for deduction or mileage reimbursement.

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Generate *near real* logs to test your SIEM or create Usecases or Red Teaming activities or for Labs or to create Deep Learning dataset etc. The online web version allows you to download upto 30,000 log lines. If you require more and/or all, then please request for an api key! 1. Select logging devices

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2016. May 17, 2017. #2. basically you can log your odo a few times legitimately, then just use a calculator and add kms based on the distances in google maps. likely they won't check your odo in the car, but if you're paranoid, you can say you drove another car if you had one, and then use the other one on the day.

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Star 1 Code Issues Pull requests Actions Projects Security Insights master 1 branch 0 tags 3 commits Failed to load latest commit information. LICENSE date.js elf.js index.html moment.js suburbs.txt elf-logbook-generator Generates fake logbook hours, with correct times/distances GitHub is where people build software.

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Surely if you're more likely to crash then it should be easy to find out who forged their hours in a test. A couple of reasons. Firstly, tests are easy to learn to pass. Doesn't mean you'll drive like that the moment you drive out of the testing centre. Secondly, incidents occur in difficult or dangerous situations.

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Introduction Logo is a registered trademark of Groundspeak, Inc. Used with permission. Print easily your logbook online for geocaching. Fast, free, easy, online, mobile compliant and can be saved. A large choice of models.

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elasticsearch elastic log-generator fake-log random-log Updated Aug 11, 2023; Python; vldmrdev / log-generator Star 0. Code Issues. and Promtail. Also, a log generator is set to push ramdom log data to Loki via Promtail for demonstration purposes. docker docker-compose example grafana loki log-generator promtail Updated Jun 11,.

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Completely random log generator Support apache common, apache combined, apache error and rfc3164 log format Support stdout, file and gzip type of logging And I have a plan for support below additional features for next versions. Contextual random log generator Statistical random log generator Support some other syslog formats